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Do you have a business idea and need expert support to turn it into reality?


What is SAG-SEED Starter?

The SAG-SEED Starter promotes the incubation of new eco-enterprises. Setting up a business is both an exciting and challenging task: Turning an idea into a product or service customers actually want to buy, requires not only a deep-dive into the market, but also business skills and bringing together the right team and partners. Considering all aspect can be challenging, therefore, SEED supports young teams of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas through the SAG-SEED Starter Months.

How does it work?

During the application period for the SAG-SEED Starter Months future eco-entrepreneurs form their teams and come up with their business ideas to tackle one of the main challenges in their country. Under expert guidance the selected teams will come together during two workshops to develop and refine their business ideas. The time between the workshops is used for testing the idea on with potential customers and partners. After the Starter Months the teams have proven their concept and are ready to engage partners, funders, and go to the market.

We currently offer the SAG-SEED Starter in the following countries:

South Africa Mauritius Burkina Faso Ghana Kenya Uganda

Do you want to set up your own eco-enterprise?

Once the application period for your country is open, you can find all documents you need to apply on this site. Participation is for free! You only cover your transport and accomodation expenses.

Supported by

EUSwitch Africa GreenThe Starter Months in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda are supported by SWITCH-Africa Green. SWITCH-Africa Green is implemented by UNEP with the assistance of the European Union. To read more about the multi-country project "Promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship in Africa" visit:

Past Starter Months

In 2016 during 5 Starter Months in South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana more than 120 participants worked on 54 new eco-enterprise ideas! Our blog From workshop to market in seven weeks describes the journey.

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