Climate Action

Empowering eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Climate Action 2Climate Action which supports eco-inclusive entrepreneurship delivers market-based solutions which build the resiliency of people most impacted by climate change. Small and growing enterprises – with environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive business models – that we support at SEED through our Direct Enterprise Support programmes adopt low carbon technologies and offer products and services that empower communities to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. They also improve the resiliency of vulnerable populations through the incorporation of women, youth and others as suppliers, distributors and consumers in their value chains.

We invite you to read our perspectives, share your own and optimise the impacts of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship through collaboration, policy advocacy and sustainable financing solutions.

At SEED, we enable the start-up and scale-up of eco-inclusive enterprises by promoting multi-stakeholder partnerships in our collaborative Ecosystem Building activities. Our programmes facilitate the co-creation of policy and financing solutions by leading experts to build the capacity and multiply the environmental, social and economic impacts of these enterprises. As we take Climate Action, we aim to use these collaboration opportunities to reward and develop policy, financial and other support mechanisms that maximise achievements in eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and the contributions of enterprises to climate change adaptation and mitigation. We call on businesses, financial institutions, policy-makers, business development service providers, NGOs and more to direct Paris Agreement commitments (including country-level Nationally Determined Contributions) to enterprises at the core of the global economy and sustainable, inclusive development.

Meet SEED Low Carbon Award Winners 2018

SEED-supported enterprises lead Climate Action by successfully offering sustainable livelihood improvements and market-based solutions to climate change adaptation and mitigation. With effective business models for clean energy, climate-smart agriculture, waste management and recycling, climate-smart enterprises are instrumental in addressing the vulnerability of communities and countries to climate-related risks. Previous SEED Low Carbon Award Winners offer sustainable products and services which prove that economic development is possible within our ecological boundaries.


Our Climate Action impacts

SEED develops the capacities and showcases the achievements of eco-inclusive enterprises that innovate ways to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. As identified in the SEED 10 Year Flagship Report, SEED Award Winners from 2005 to 2015 saved 3,276,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions; planted enough trees to provide oxygen for all citizens of Uganda; and saved drinking water for 54,000 people for one year.

SEED Award Winners planted enough trees to provide oxygen for all citizens of Uganda

SEED Awards Winners recycled materials weighing as much as 15,000 elephants

SEED Award Winners saved greenhouse gas emissions produced by 820,760 cows

Read our Climate Action insights

Over the years we have released multiple news, blogs and publications on the role of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in leading Climate Action for socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable climate change mitigation and adaptation.

SEED programmes supporting Climate Action

Much of our Direct Enterprise Support work at SEED supports Climate Action by building the capacities of eco-inclusive enterprises and identifying leading enterprises in the design of products, services and value chains for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Additionally, our multi-stakeholder Ecosystem Building programmes engage with leading financial institutions, policy-makers, NGOs and more to design solutions which bolster the impacts of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. Our Labs for Policy Prototyping and Climate Finance Prototyping enable core ecosystem stakeholders to design measures and instruments that directly address the needs of small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises.

Find out about upcoming SEED events and workshops which multiply the contributions of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship to Climate Action.

SEED Library

In the SEED Library you can read our news, blog and publications about how stakeholders are delivering financing and policy measures which support small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises to innovate products and services for climate change adaptation and mitigation.


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Climate Action at SEED is supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) through the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

Take Climate Action with us

The success of global Climate Action depends on multi-stakeholder collaboration that involves and promotes smaller enterprises at the base of our global economy and on the frontline of building climate resilient communities. Support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship with us as we facilitate the design of financing and capacity-building instruments that include small and growing enterprises in markets and provide these enterprises with platforms to be heard during high-level discussions.

Jonas Restle-Steinert

SEED Climate Action Specialist

Our SEED Climate Action Specialist is available to discuss collaboration opportunities, receive comments or respond to questions.