SEED Practitioner Labs: Policy Prototyping

Innovating policy instruments that support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for green and inclusive economies.

The SEED Practitioner Labs for Policy Prototyping (PLPP) bring together policy-makers, eco-inclusive enterprises and other relevant stakeholders (such as enterprise support organisations, networks, and  financial institutions) to design policy instruments.

The policy instruments developed are designed to serve the needs of eco-inclusive enterprises, and tackle policy challenges specific to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in green sectors.

The SEED Policy Prototyping process

The Labs work towards innovative, tailor-made policy solutions that enable small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises to start, scale, and maximise their environmental, social and economic impacts.


Map key stakeholders relevant to the policy protyping process in relation to core challenges and opportunities for solutions that support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.

Policy-makers and members of civil society are identified and synergies between these core actors are mapped to determine a clearer picture of the policy-making landscape in the target country or region. This ecosystem mapping process runs parallel to the identification of sector-specific core challenges and opportunities for the development of policy solutions which directly promote the success of eco-inclusive enterprises.

Starter Toolkit

 Next Step: Ecosystem mapping and the comprehensive input paper on core challenges and opportunities serve the basis for the next stages of stakeholder engagement including the enlistment of prototype development hosts and leaders to drive forward policy prototyping in their regions and sectors of expertise.


Co-create tailored supportive instruments that strengthen the role of eco-inclusive enterprises in strategic sectors and secure multi-stakeholder buy-in for the next stages of product refinement.

The Kick-Off Lab is a two-day, high-level workshop designed to guide the development of policy prototypes by applying the sector-specific and policy-based expertise of participants. The prototyping process is facilitated by hands-on and collaborative SEED prototyping tools, context-specific insights and an emphasis on partnership building. At the end of the Kick-Off Lab, policy instrument developers come away with a clear action plan for the next stages of prototype refinement and partner engagement.

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: Further develop policy instruments at the group-level and prepare for the next stages of stakeholder engagement through subsequent SEED Labs.


Integrate in-depth feedback from eco-inclusive entrepreneurs and other prospective beneficiaries through a follow-up lab targeted at the collation multi-stakeholder inputs.

The second SEED Policy Prototyping Lab incorporates additional stakeholders into the process and allows for in-depth feedback from prospective beneficiaries of the policy instrument, especially small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises operating in the pre-identified sectors. Feedback from this lab is collated into the instrument concept note and directs the next stages of resource mobilisation.

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: The Feedback Lab is followed by additional interim meetings to further develop the prototypes.


Refine policy prototypes during a follow-up lab designed to build on the in-depth feedback from prospective beneficiaries and interim meetings' discussions and analysis.

The Transition Lab brings back together all policy instrument developers and a wider audience of high-level policy-makers and practitioners to celebrate the milestones of prototype development, road-map the susequent stages of instrument development and mobilise support for the designed instrument.

Starter Toolkit

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: Pilot the policy instruments in target markets under the leadership of policy instrument developers and with the support of high-level political action.


Finalise concept notes which summarise the instrument prototype's approach and mobilise the support of both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

After the Transition Lab, SEED supports instrument prototype developers to finalise the analysis of the policy landscape and develop a case for innovative policy instruments which support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and multiply the environmental, social and economic impacts of small and growing enterprises.

Starter Toolkit

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: Enable eco-inclusive enterprises to maximise their positive contributions to socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable development at the local, national and regional levels.

Who participates in the SEED Labs

Participants in the SEED Policy Prototyping Labs are policy-makers and implementers of national and regional public initiatives. Prototype development group members and group hosts are chosen based on their expertise and commitment to driving the innovation of policy instruments which support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in strategic sectors.


Lead the prototype development group through the process and facilitate group sessions for resource mobilisation and partnership building.


Contribute context-relevant expertise, offer ideas and expert feedback as key prototype development group members involved in all stages of policy prototyping.


Test, provide feedback and share user insights on the ideas and solution prototypes.


Gain sector-specific insights from our SEED Policy Briefs

Our Policy Briefs provide a comprehensive overview to policy-makers and practitioners of the business conditions, challenges and enablers of eco-inclusive enterprises in strategic sectors in emerging markets. These briefs shape the development of tailored, customised and tested supportive instruments that strengthen the role of eco-inclusive enterprises in strategic sectors. Our briefs are formulated to guide coordinated policy action that promotes inclusive and resilient economic sectors and drives environmentally and socially responsible economic growth from the bottom up.


Driving collaboration around core topics

We are committed to green and inclusive change driven by the efforts of small and growing enterprises positioned directly within communities in developing countries and emerging markets. These eco-inclusive businesses possess the proven transformative power to lead Climate Action and the transition to a Circular Economy while achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals. Discover more about our perspectives on these core topics and collaborate with us on ways to ensure that eco-inclusive entrepreneurship is at the centre of local, regional and international agendas.

Discover more about our Policy Prototyping Labs in target countries and join in as an expert.

Linde Wolters

SEED Policy Prototyping Specialist

Our SEED Policy Prototyping specialist is available to consult. Please contact us if you are a policy-maker or practitioner interested in joining in the SEED Policy Prototyping process.