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Building resilient eco-inclusive enterprises.

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MSMEs make up a large part of local economies and communities, and building resilience to future shocks is essential to protecting local incomes and long-term employment for communities. Enterprise resilience is an indispensable characteristic that sees MSMEs be prepared for the unknown, and deal with drops in demand, medium to long-term business model disruptions, and substantial loss of income and livelihood.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities across the globe, with MSMEs bearing the brunt of the economic and social impacts. As much as 42% of MSMEs worldwide faced potential failure within six months. Within the context of the pandemic, SEED has begun documenting the critical factors that build resilient enterprises.

Through SEED’s Enterprise Resilience Report, SEED demonstrates how MSMEs, particularly eco-inclusive enterprises, are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic and how governments and intermediaries can lend support. Our SEED enterprises serve as an excellent example of how other enterprises can incorporate resilience into their business models in the face of the pandemic and to become more adaptable to future shocks.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have begun publishing articles, blogs and publications on how eco-inclusive enterprises can work toward building enterprise resilience to become less vulnerable to future shocks. 

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From leveraging assets, capabilities and long-standing networks to utilising local knowledge and relationships, some MSMEs have been able to build resilience and stay in business in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. These enterprises continue to provide green solutions and address the needs of communities at the bottom of the pyramid.


SEED Library

In the SEED Library you can read more about how to build resilience for our eco-inclusive enterprises through articles, blogs and publications on some of our enterprises and their coping strategies during the pandemic.
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Enterprise Resilience Specialist

Our SEED Enterprise Resilience Specialist is available to discuss collaboration opportunities, receive comments or respond to questions.