Green Recovery

Building toward a sustainable, eco-inclusive recovery from COVID-19.

The economic, social and environmental implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the importance and urgency to rebuild our economic systems on green and inclusive principles. It presents an opportunity for policy makers, donors and financers to invest in a recovery that triggers and supports long-term transformation: one that is resilient, digital, green and inclusive.

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Multiple actors (ASEAN, EU, OECD) have recognised the critical importance of a subset of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); eco-inclusive enterprises, as drivers of local green and inclusive growth. SMEs make up a significant portion of worldwide economies and communities ensuring ongoing employment while fostering the application of green technologies, products and services.  

A "green recovery" that is resilient, digital, green and inclusive needs to engage eco-inclusive SMEs in order to strengthen global value chains and to create employment serving in particular women, youth and informal workers in heavily affected underserved communities. Eco-inclusive enterprises are essential in localising a "green recovery" providing green and inclusive jobs, basic services and green products. 

SEED is supporting eco-inclusive enterprises through tailored support programmes enhancing the digitalisation and resilience of eco-inclusive enterprises while catalysing the green and inclusive outcomes of their operations. 

At the ecosystem level, SEED's Green Recovery Ecosystem Builder programme supports intermediaries, accelerators, business advisors, tech hubs and support agencies making SME support programmes green, fair and recovery proof.


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In the SEED Library you can find articles, blogs and publications on the contribution of eco-inclusive enterprises towards a green recovery.
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