BioAfriq Energy Limited

Reducing reliance on fuel wood and charcoal with a sustainable alternative to LPG
SEED Starter Team Clean Energy Nairobi, Kenya

Bioafriq Energy aims to create awareness and promote the use of renewable cooking fuel through its revolutionary technology which offers a green alternative to LPG. The enterprise recycles biowaste such as coffee husks, rice husks, straw, sisal boles and agro-residue which form land-fills that emit methane gas into affordable biomass fuels. Bioafriq Energy targets catering and learning institutions most of which use either LPG, Charcoal or Wood as their main fuel. To ensure their targeted customers realise full benefits of their green energy, the enterprise has partnered with a supplier of institutional gasifier stoves that have automated pellet feeding mechanism, temperature and flame regulation control making them similar to LPG stoves. This clean energy produced by Bioafriq Energy is accompanied with this smokeless stove.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Reducing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions through the provision of affordable alternative fuels and public sensitization campaigns. Offering the opportunity for farmers to convert waste from their farm to additional income by supplying them as inputs to the enterprise.
  • Reducing GHGs such as methane and carbon dioxide through recycling of biowaste into carbon-neutral biomass pellets.
  • Reducing deforestation through the provision of affordable alternative fuels.


  • Ensuring students are well equipped with knowledge on the SDGs and the need to conserve our environment through environmental education programs.
  • Contributing to the reduction of respiratory health complications in the local community traditionally caused by inhaling smoke.
  • Creating direct and indirect employment opportunities for the local community.
  • Offering the opportunity for farmers to convert waste from their farm to additional income by supplying them as inputs to the enterprise. 
  • Saving customers up to 50% on the cost of fuel and time.


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Nishant Bioenergy offered Bioafriq Energy the exclusive right to supply institutional gasifier stoves and burners in Kenya.

Miller Center (GSBI) negotiated for the partnership with Nishant and offered further training at E4Impact Foundation in Italy.

E4Impact Foundation offered coaching and training on business modelling and sustainability through a Global MBA in Global Business Sustainability.

Tangaza University in partnership with European Union and British Council-Kenya offered incubation support to the enterprise.

Social Enterprise Society of Kenya created a platform for networking for the enterprise and offered the founder a seat in KEPSA energy sector board.

Blue Luxury Investments assists with raising funds and marketing of the enterprise.

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