Carbon EcoTrip

Envisioning climate positive eco-tourism
2021 SEED Starter Team Biodiversity Bekasi, Indonesia

Carbon EcoTrip is a social enterprise that provides climate friendly solutions to tourism stakeholders. Carbon EcoTrip envisions to bring climate positive ecotourism at scale starting from Indonesia.

To achieve that, Carbon EcoTrip offers experiences to individual travellers all over Indonesia, including climate education, direct or indirect contribution to conservation or community development programmes like choral reef rehabilitation or mangrove tree planing trips. 

Next to offering eco-friendly touristic trips, Carbon EcoTrip developed a Carbon Tourism Calculator, which allows businesses in tourism to calculate their emissions and offset their carbon to achieve climate positivity by supporting mentioned conservation and community development programmes. 

The mission is to inspire and enable climate positive travel that contributes positively to the environment and the community.

Eco-inclusive impacts

Eco-inclusive tourism supporting green recovery

Social impacts:

  • Aiming to develop and implement sustainable tourism tools that improve the livelihood of communities in 30 destinations around Indonesia until 2030 with trip activities and social programmes
  • Raising awareness and educate 50,000 people through events and campaigns

Environmental impacts:

  • Targeting to sequester 6,000 tonnes of carbon emisisions through mangrove conservation projects 
  • Protecting five marine resorts and establishing standards for sustainable marine tourism.

Economic impacts:

  • Sustaining the income of 60 local community members, including women and youth, by providing training and job opportunities by 2025
  • Aiming to reduce especially youth unemployment by targeting for 40% of all beneficiaries in ecotourism deleopment programs to be under 35 years. 



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Carbon Eco Trip works together with other Tour providers and other tourism businesses who act as a local host for the climate positive tourism tours. 

Online Travel Agency (OTA) helps with targeting the right environmental-aware costumers. 

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Jessica Novia
Ruko Sentra Komersial RSK 5 No. 27, Jakasetia, South Bekasi, Bekasi Town, West Java Province
Bekasi, Indonesia
Tel: +6282130377899

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