21st Century Initiatives

Recycling and upcycling plastic waste
SEED Starter Team Waste Management Accra, Ghana

21st Century Initiatives produce eco-plants and eco-pillows from recycled plastic waste, strengthening the circular economy. Their activities include collecting HDPE, PP and LDPE plastic waste, crushing it and reselling it to various recycling companies. They also collect used sachet rubbers and polyethene bags from schools, churches, households and institutions and crush them to produce reusable plastic materials.  These plastic materials are treated and used as stuffing for therapeutic bed pillows, neck pillows and throw pillows. Crushed HDPE is also used to manufacture HDPE paving bricks.

The enterprise is also involved with collecting all types of plastic bottles, processing them and using them for producing beautiful, long-lasting and eco-friendly artificial flowers and plants. The enterprise serves a wide range of customers, like recycling companies, hotels, students, pubs, restaurants, churches, households, MMDAs, beach resorts, and recreational parks.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Reducing recycled waste that end up in landfills, improving the living standards of locals.
  • Cleaning, greening, and sustaining the environment leads to positive results for the ecosystem.
  • Increasing the health standard of the communities we serve, by ensuring clean gutters and reduction of mosquito breeding.
  • Boosting employment for over 1000 individuals in the value chain, leading to more income for laborers and revenue from taxes for the government.


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Junction Mall, local hotels, restaurants and pubs supply plastic waste. 

Blowplast, Zhongyin Plastics and other recycling companies buy the crushed HDPE, PP and LDPE granules.

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Richmond Owusu-Frimpong
P.O. BOX TA 656, Tafia Accra
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233547587300

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