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RECAPO CBO offers clean, renewable and affordable energy to residents in rural Malawi, where over 90% of the population has no access to grid-electricity. Its affordable Pay-As-You-Go model allows low-income households to exchange expensive and polluting lighting and electricity systems for solar solutions.

RECAPO CBO approaches households in Chimutu, rural Malawi with solar home systems, offering them Pay-As-You-Go plans. Two LED bulbs and a cell phone charger are installed for a small initial charge and a weekly activation fee in the first 20 months of use, which can be more easily afforded by households than buying a system per upfront payment.

The enterprise also offers seminars on renewable energy and educates on the dangers and environmental impacts of kerosene lamps, candles and battery-powered torches.

Through the adoption of a clean, renewable energy source, households and businesses will have access to two to three more hours of light and productive time. In the future, this will support better education performances, reduced risk of respiratory diseases and increased income for small businesses.

  • Develop a plan for national distribution outlets by the end of 2015.
  • Train 5,000 households in renewable energy by end of 2016 by hosting community seminars
  • Achieve financial sustainability by end of 2016 through increased sales and working to secure subsidies and grants to support customers to repay.
  • Reach a 25% adoption rate of solar home systems in the Chimutu area within 18 months.


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