Viva Organica

Processing organic waste into superior fertiliser through vermicomposting
2023 SEED Climate Adaptation Award Sustainable Agriculture Botswana

Viva Organica processes organic waste using earthworms and micro-organisms to manufacture vermicompost that is further amended with biochar and transformed into a liquid fertiliser.

Vermogrow is a 100% natural, safe, odourless, and eco-friendly organic granular fertiliser. Bio Brew is a liquid bio stimulant and organic fertiliser made from enriched compost tea brewed with premium worm castings, plant extracts, and beneficial microbes suitable for use in all crops.

Eco-inclusive Impacts

Through vermicomposting, Viva Organica processes organic waste into organic fertiliser. This not only helps reduce organic waste but also provides affordable, non-chemical farming inputs for farmers.

Its nutrient-rich fertilizers improve soil fertility and drought tolerance of crops, which enhances agricultural productivity and increases food production. This addresses hunger and food security issues in sub-Saharan Africa. The enterprise also generates social impacts through employing marginalised groups such as women, youth, and people with disabilities and through community gardening.
  • Providing affordable organic fertilisers to women
  • Inclusive hiring by employing marginalised groups such as women, youth, and people with disabilities
  • Community gardening
  • Converting 24 tons of waste into a valuable commodity (fertiliser) for over 200 food farmers (2023)
  • Reducing the use of chemical farming inputs
  • Reducing emissions along the value chain
  • Offering affordable, sustainable farming inputs in the market
  • Providing income to women-led entities by purchasing earthworms



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Natural Products Association of Botswana (NPAB)- offers Viva Organica market linkages, accessing barcodes, export training, funding, and product testing.

Greenthumb- an NGO promoting food security by backyard gardening in marginalized communities to which Viva donates seeds and has participated in planting 100 gardens.

LEA – marketing and business advisory that provides business mentorship and incubation services

Afrilabs – provides 12-month business training in scaling business and access to investors


Mmadiboko Radisele Enterprises - provides earthworms to enterprise to produce fertilizers.

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