Gamma Energie

All-in-one sustainable, affordable & renewable cooking & heating fuel
2021 SEED Low Carbon Award Clean Energy Accra, Ghana

Gamma Energie produces Clean-Burn Briquettes which are green and renewable energy solutions. The enterprise collects and recycles agro-forestry biomass waste into environmentally sustainable and affordable char-briquettes, which replace wood charcoal and firewood.

Gamma Energie is a for-profit social enterprise providing Clean-Burn Briquettes aimed at climate change mitigation and adaptation. It provides clean and affordable energy solutions to local communities in the form of affordable char briquettes from agroforestry biomass waste.

The enterprise makes revenue through direct sales of its char briquettes to customers which include restaurants, hotels, schools and households in rural and peri-urban settlements.

Eco-inclusive Impacts

Gamma Energie’s Clean-Burn Briquettes are made from recycled agricultural waste such as coconut shell/husk, palm kernel shell, sugarcane bagasse, corn stalk, cocoa pod husk, as well as wood waste (saw dust), charcoal dust and other organic biomass resources such as bamboo.

These briquettes are a cheaper alternative to environmentally detrimental cooking and heating fuels such as wood-charcoal, firewood and kerosene. This saves households money and is particularly impactful for households at the bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP).
  • Providing affordable and safe fuel to over 100 rural households
  • Improving user health by introducing smoke-less char briquettes
  • Contributing to cleaner cities through recycling and improving livelihoods
  • Collecting and recycling more than 50 tonnes of biomass waste to create clean energy solutions
  • Saving more than 10 tonnes of trees (wood-logs) from being felled to produce wood-charcoal or firewood
  • Creating waste-collection demand amongst youth to source materials for briquette making.
  • Offering employment opportunities to particularly youth and women in the value chain



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

The Forestry Commission of Ghana (Bamboo and Rattan Development Unit) provides workspace and technical support in incorporating bamboo as part of char briquettes.


Green Africa Youth Organization engages with community to help promote Gamma’s activities and create market awareness.

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