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Switch ON- ONergy

Switch ON- ONergy

Switch ON: ONergy overcomes the obstacle of last-mile distribution of solar-energy products by providing solutions such as solar micro-grids and lanterns to rural communities using a full-service distribution infrastructure based at Renewable Energy Centres. By partnering with national banks, microfinance institutions and credit co-operatives, the enterprise ensures off-grid village households can sustainably finance the products.

Through the establishment of Renewable Energy Centres (REC), the enterprise increases awareness on solar power and sells its own affordable solar energy products like solar micro grids and lanterns. Rural entrepreneurs are trained at the centres to market the products to off-grid village households. Product financing is facilitated through national banks, MFIs and credit co-operatives. 

The enterprise nurtures the development of solar energy products, rural development and the creation of a strong service and after-sales infrastructure. Below-the-poverty-line households are provided with these products free of charge.

Reducing the use of kerosene and firewood as fuel sources will decrease carbon emissions, preserve forest biodiversity and decrease ground water depletion. Solar irrigation can substantially increase farm yields and hence incomes. Families of customers will see a reduction in health care costs and reductions in fuel costs per month.

  • Develop new technologies, including a solar irrigation pump set, solar computers and energy-efficient industrial lighting. The pump set is being developed in collaboration with local governments and non-profit organisations. The solar computers will utilise low energy monitors. The industrial lighting system would decrease consumption by 60 %.
  • Expand operations to the state of Bihar.
  • Set up 35 more Renewable Energy Centres (REC) in the three states the enterprise currently operates in and potentially Bihar.
  • Increase training activities on the installation and repair of solar solutions, mostly for trained electricians to become solar energy technicians, while also providing training on the marketing and maintenance of solar products solely for entrepreneurs. A special programme, called Solar Didis, specifically targets the training of women entrepreneurs.


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