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Kumudzi Kuwale

Kumudzi Kuwale

KumudziKuwale provides renewable energy solutions to off-grid communities by selling cookstoves, lamps and lanterns, by supplying electricity at village charging stations, and by installing larger-scale solar energy projects. The enterprise thus contributes to forest protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In the Nkhotakota region, only three per cent of the population has access to electricity. The enterprise provides renewable energy solutions in off-grid communities in three ways: through stores providing solar energy appliances like cook stoves and lanterns, and through village electrification via charging stations and via installing larger-scale solar energy systems. 

The enterprise promotes a full set of energy services and electrical installations that is unique within Malawi while offering vocational skills training and employment. Greater access to stable energy sources creates more entrepreneurial and business opportunities in communities, extends hours of operation for businesses and helps to increase agricultural output by energising irrigation systems. Households additionally save on energy costs. 

  • Provide employment opportunities for 10-15 local professionals from the Nkhotakota region.
  • Solidify the enterprise’s management structure in order to maintain the same level of self-sustainability. Ensure that employees have a high level of involvement in planning and decision-making processes.
  • Increase access to battery charging stations in order to reach 4,000 community members and 720 households by the end of the year.
  • Implement a new shop and showroom demonstrating to locals how sustainable energy solutions can provide a low-cost alternative to fossil fuels and low-efficiency biofuel combustion.


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