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Fundación Huellas Verdes

Fundación Huellas Verdes

Fundación Huellas Verdes helps to protect communities at risk of landslides by planting tiva, at the same time as providing a carbon offset mechanism for enterprises and institutions. The grass, also known as vetiver, has great potential to store carbon in its roots and prevents erosion when planted on slopes at risk of landslides. Working closely with the affected communities the enterprise ensures maximum benefits for them.

Fundación Huellas Verdes works together with its clients to determine their needs for carbon offsets. Areas with a high risk of landslides are then identified and planted with vetiver, locally known as Tiva, in cooperation with with municipalities, government agencies, and local communities, thereby preventing erosion and offsetting carbon emissions. 

The clients of Fundación Huellas Verdes receive a certificate for their annual carbon emission offsets over the next 50 years, as well as a “carbon neutral” stamp.

The revegetation projects rely on organic fertilisers and contribute to drought management by improving agricultural conditions. Planting vetiver mitigates climate change and the clients offsetting their carbon emissions benefit from a certificate that distinguishes their products.

  • Raise the national and international visibility of the work of Fundación Huellas Verdes on environmental challenges and of its social commitment.
  • Acquire new customers, including companies known worldwide, to increase the number of hectares planted with vetiver and the number of communities benefitting from revegetation projects.
  • Extend the activities of Fundación Huellas Verdes to other countries with communities facing similar risks.
  • Obtain approval for the foundation’s carbon offset stamp from the relevant supervisory authority in Colombia.


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