The Sustainable Use of Amazonian Seeds

Generating certified organic oils from Amazonian seeds
2009 SEED Award Winner Green Technologies Brazil

The partnership, consisting of 26 employees, has fostered environmental conservation and social development since 2007 by transferring technologies and by training the local community in the production of oils from Amazonian seeds. They initiated the exploitation of under-utilised natural resources, which were considered to be waste by local public authorities. The products generated by the local community are organic certified oils, extracted from Ucuuba and Andiroba seeds, and handcrafted candles. Beraca, one of the funding partners, buys the oils and sells them to the cosmetic industry, the main client being L’Occitane. 

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

This initiative organises training and transfers technologies to the community for oil production from the Amazonian seeds, resulting in increased incomes for these communities.
  • Contributing to social inclusion by providing skills training and promoting gender equality while preserving local knowledge. 


  • Preserving 10,000 Andiroba trees in the Marajó Island and 5,000 ha of native forest. Beraca, together with the other partners, are improving the community‘s social and environmental awareness.
  • Providing with an alternative source of income and thus enabling the parents to send their children to school.




This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Coopemaflima produces Andiroba and Ucuuba oils and handcrafted candles.

Beraca transfers technology to the cooperatives and increases sales to major customers such as L´Occitane.

L´Occitane Foundation buys andiroba oil which is traceable and of high quality.

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