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Asrat and Helawi Engineering Partnership

Asrat and Helawi Engineering Partnership

Asrat & Helawi Engineering Partnership manufactures and sells clean cookstoves for private and institutional customers. Heated with electricity, biogas, or ethanol the stoves considerably reduce both fuel costs and health risks related to indoor air pollution. Local communities help produce the stoves while additional indirect jobs are created through a retail network.

Asrat & Helawi Engineering Partnership manufactures cook stoves fuelled by wood, electricity, biogas and ethanol for mass production. Demand for electric and wood models currently exceeds production rates; due to these stoves, consumers are reducing fuel costs by 50 to 70 %.

The enterprise wants to supply more of its clean cook stoves in rural areas and to institutions where demand is highest. New machinery will help it diversify and develop markets for its ethanol cook stoves.

Providing clean cook stoves generates immediate social and environmental benefits, particularly for women and children. Introducing clean cook stoves reduces fuel costs and significantly reduces indoor air pollution, which kills over 72,000 Ethiopians each year. Therefore they are more likely to have improved levels of nutrition and health.

  • Acquire immediate funding to invest in production machinery, enabling A&H to meet its 40,000 annual sales target.
  • Seek capital to evaluate supplying cook stoves to institutions for free, under a government carbon trading scheme.
  • Look to diversify production of new products including ethanol cook stoves.
  • Plan to expand into rural areas where traditional open wood fires are still used.


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