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Amazóniko offers a collaborative recycling WebApp that incentivizes users to recycle through a door-to-door collection service and rewards scheme. The enterprise helps to formalize recyclables collection in association with workers group and provides sustainable employment to the waste management sector.

Amazóniko uses innovative technology to educate and ease the recycling process in Bogotá. Through its digital platform, the enterprise educates app users with a comprehensive recycling toolkit and organises easy waste collection. Amazóniko’s point-based scheme rewards recycling by offering a growing catalogue of environmentally friendly products produced from the collected materials and discounts in associated brands.

The enterprise primarily targets increasingly environmentally aware citizens in Bogotá as app users, and actively works with associations of waste workers to extend formal employment opportunities and improve working conditions.

  • Establish additional commercial partnerships to build its catalogue of sustainable products offered in the rewards scheme.
  • Expand recyclables collection activities to other major and mid-sized Colombian cities in order to optimize its social and environmental impacts.
  • Market the app to a wider pool of potential users using digital platforms.
  • Increase the recycling rates in large and mid-sized cities in Colombia.
  • Raise ecological awareness and knowledge of responsible consumption practices among app users.
  • Educate users on the correct separation of solid urban waste and the importance of these waste management practices.
  • Formalise the work of waste pickers or recyclers and improve their health and safety conditions.


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