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All Women Recycling

All Women Recycling

All Women Recycling turns discarded plastic bottles into unique gift boxes, called kliketyklikboxes, which are sold internationally. In the production of the gift boxes the enterprise employs young women, primarily previously unemployed single mothers. All Women Recycling also contributes to cleaner townships by strengthening environmental awareness, particularly in schools which as a result set up collection points for the plastic bottles.

Discarded plastic bottles are sourced from landfills, street waste collectors and collection points located in schools around Cape Town. Female employees of All Women Recycling craft the bottles into unique gift boxes, known as kliketyklikboxes, which serve a worldwide niche market.

One of All Women Recycling’s strengths is its strong ties to international distributors. This distribution network is used to provide markets for its products and the products of its partners.

Collection vehicle drivers, dump site sorters and street waste collectors profit from having additional sources of income. The process of recycling plastic bottles raises awareness of environmental concerns, keeps townships clean and contributes to mitigating climate change.

  • Expand business outreach from the current amount of 11 countries, including the USA, Australia and European countries, by building and maintaining solid business relationships.
  • Buy a workspace to offer training courses to women.
  • Buy a vehicle to collect waste bottles more cost-efficiently. All Women Recycling also aims to convince beverage companies to set up collection points for their plastic bottles.
  • Increase the demand for its products and expand the range of products offered to clients. This would allow the enterprise to employ more women, promote women to managerial positions, and increase the number of recycled bottles.


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