Empowering physically disabled local artisans in upcycled shoes production
2016 SAG-SEED Award Winner Waste Management Kumasi, Ghana

Eco-Shoes combines the upcycling of discarded truck tires and fabrics with training of the physically challenged in order to manufacture shoes, slippers, sandals, bags and belts. Disabled shoemakers purchase tires from families who live on scrapyards, and process the material into a fashionable shoe, slipper, sandal, bag or belt.

Customers place orders online and the shoes are sent to distribution outlets for sale on both the local and international market. All activities are done in-house, except tire collection and outsourcing of shoemaking for large orders.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Eco-Shoes empowers the physically challenged with a livelihood and an opportunity to escape poverty. The local artisans receive consistent work, fair wages, health insurance and the ability to make household decisions.
  • Training and creating direct employment opportunities for 10 people with disabilities, creating direct benefits for 50 household members.
  • Providing consistent work, fair wages and health insurance to physically challenged shoemakers.
  • Upcycling of thousands of truck tires and over 100 tonnes of scrap materials so far.



  • Connecting Ghanaian disabled artisans to the global fashion marketplace.
  • Doubling household income for ten disabled artisans.
  • Providing fair wages and transferrable skillsets.



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Eco-Shoes is in charge of upcycling of discarded truck tires and fabrics and the training of the physically challenged staff in shoe manufacturing.

Bibini Deluxe, a Ghanaian shoemaker, provides capacity building and training to the physically challenged staff to make Eco-Shoes.

The National Youth Authority hosts venture, coaching and advisory services to train youth for employment as Eco-Shoes staff.

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Mabel Suglo
Adum-Harper Road, P O BOX KS 8508
Kumasi, Ghana
Tel: +233 554605458

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