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WASHKing produces, supplies and installs biodigester toilets out of eco-friendly material for low-income urban households in order to improve health and economic conditions and to keep the environment clean. Training on using the toilet and after-sales services complement the package.

WASHKing manufactures, supplies and installs environmentally friendly biodigester toilets. The toilets are built locally by local artisans and using regionally available materials. The WASHKing technology introduces a locally made biodegradable powder developed in India for digestion. In addition, the treatment system separates effluent and turns it into safe water for agriculture or landscaping.

The main target groups are low-income urban households and institutions with poor or no access to toilets. Flexible payment terms, training on hygiene and after-sales services ensure customer loyalty.

  • Strengthen partnerships with local and international organisations to provide entrepreneurship training, hygiene and climate change education and micro-loan support.
  • Promote WASHKing systems on a larger scale to reach more customers and achieve profitability by the end of 2018.
  • Continue research and development activities to upgrade the product and develop new products, including portable toilets.
  • Establish production sites and accordingly train up to 250 future employees in three relevant regions of Ghana by the end of 2019.


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