RECFAM - Pride Pads

Women Livelihood Empowerment in impoverished communities through sanitary pads production
2017 SAG-SEED Award Winner Water, Sanitation & Health (WASH) Accra, Ghana

PRIDE Pads are biodegradable, accessible, affordable, and quality sanitary pads for schoolgirls and women in rural and peri-urban impoverished communities. Locally manufactured banana and plantain fibre serves as raw material for the production process. Women are integrated in the whole value chain from raw material production to manufacturing and distribution.

The enterprise provides menstrual health education to women and girls in Ghana. To reach customer target groups, the pads are sold during weekly market days in villages.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

RECFAM sells sanitary pads to girls and women in remote places, enabling them to attend school. Women are empowered with jobs and training on leadership, finance and social entrepreneurship.
  • Enabling 3million girls to continue to attend school during menstruation, by providing them access to affordable sanitary products and educational programmes.
  • Fostering gender equality by empowering women through job creation, leadership training, education, and social entrepreneurship.
  • Reducing environmental pollution through the production of organic and biodegradable products and packaging.
  • Providing education on disposing of used pads.
  • Eliminating carbon emissions by using manually operated production machines.
  • Creating employment for 10 factory workers and income for 120 female farmers in the extraction of fibre.
  • Ensuring the production of consistently high-quality and environmentally friendly sanitary pads by maintaining a state-of-the-art, yet cost-efficient factory and laboratory.



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Research & Counselling Foundation for African Migrants (RECFAM) is the Ghanaian NGO out of which the production and distribution of PRIDE sanitary pads evolved.

Ghana Education Service (GES) and School Health Education Programme (SHEP) support the distribution of PRIDE sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene education in schools and communities.

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) trains and advises banana and plantain farmers on the extraction of fibre and intercropping.

The Gratis Foundation supports in the manufacturing and maintenance of sanitary pad production machines.

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