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Waste Ventures India

Waste Ventures India

Toter - the enterprise’s “Uber for trash” mobile app and website - brings the convenient collection of recyclables to the doorstep of Indian homes and businesses. Waste Ventures India (WVI) makes this possible by partnering with waste pickers and scrap dealers.

Toter encompasses a broad network of third-party waste collectors – local scrap dealers and waste pickers – to offer household and business customers doorstep collection of any waste type and volume. Speed and reliability of waste pickups are ensured through customer rating systems and the enterprise’s scrap dealer partnership model.

Revenue streams are two-fold: from the sales of waste sourced from the app and delivered to WVI, and in the future, a small commission for each scrap dealer pick up.

  • Increase the collection of waste to 100 metric tonnes per month by onboarding waste pickers and scrap dealers to the platform while maintaining direct collections through WVI.

  • Reach breakeven by expanding collection through the Toter platform and growing the operations team.

  • Gain additional large corporates as customers, who can provide large volumes and steady supply of waste.

  • Create 140 full-time jobs by 2019 and channel additional funds to waste pickers and scrap dealers.


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