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PROVOKAME produces innovative 100% biodegradable plates, made from natural fibres and recycled paper, which are also implanted with seeds. The enterprise trains and employs local women living in rural areas in the plate production process. The plates are distributed through supermarket chains and organic products shops. The entire process contributes not only to the reduction of pollution and sustainable waste management, but also creates job and income for women, while additionally increasing environmental awareness among the community. 

PROVOKAME buys paper for recycling from local retailers and turns it into pulp enriched with natural fibres and seeds. This pulp is then transported to women in rural areas, who use it to make biodegradable plates. Finally, the plates are sold via supermarket chains and shops specialising in organic and natural products. The production satellites are exclusively run by female heads of households who have been trained by PROVOKAME. They work from home and receive payment for each unit produced.

  • Secure intellectual property rights (patents) for germinating plates and the production process in Colombia.
  • Introduce the plates to the regional market, and expand to the national market by 2014 (medium-term target: 15 % market share).
  • Enter the US market in 2014, initially in California and Florida, assuming demand for natural and organic products continues to grow in those states.
  • Set up new production satellites right across Colombia (Andes, Pacifi c, Atlantic, Orinoco, Amazonia) and provide childcare for women so they can participate more easily in the enterprise.


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