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Farmer Eco Enterprise Development (FEED Africa)

Farmer Eco Enterprise Development (FEED Africa)

Farmer Eco Enterprise Development (FEED) Africa develops conservation low carbon agriculture for emerging organic farmers, helping to empower them as entrepreneurs. They bring support in management, training, mentorship and marketing skills, and connect the farmers to markets, enabling them to join the mainstream agricultural economy and to adapt to climate change. 

FEED Africa’s business model is to commercialise emerging eco-farmers who lack the resources and expertise to participate in the mainstream green economy and to help them adapt to climate change. The five pillars of the model are: selection of land & people, training, mentorship, operational support, and sales & marketing. Individual farms are often too small to achieve the volumes required by markets. FEED therefore creates a platform where groups of local farmers can share resources, training and access to markets.

  • Create 500 permanent jobs in agriculture and generate sustainable revenue streams for emerging farmers, with a specific focus on local women farmers, empowering them to enter the green economy.
  • Enable poor communities to respond and adapt to climate change by creating 800 hectares of local organic farming.
  • Establish formal agreements with markets and supply 30,000 tons of organic vegetables to retail markets.
  • Rehabilitate the soil of 800 hectares through sustainable organic farming, achieving average water savings of 30 % per farm.


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