Women’s Off-season Vegetable Production Group

Addressing food shortage in Nepal through off-season vegetable farming
2014 SEED Gender Equality Award Winner Sustainable Agriculture Kathmandu, Nepal

The Women’s Off-season Vegetable Production Group is a cooperative of women farmers who produce organic vegetables throughout the year. These are sold at farmers markets and to local businesses. Compost is produced to improve soil quality, reduce bio-waste and increase the product portfolio. 

Traditionally in Humla District, vegetables are only produced during three months of the year. The enterprise saw the demand, and the need, for vegetable production during the agricultural off-season - especially because the local tourism industry is growing.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Producing vegetables in the traditional agricultural off-season means families are able to cook two meals a day, all year-round, decreasing malnutrition. Compost is also being produced year-round, proving helpful in addressing the region’s poor soil quality and providing an environmentally friendly solution for organic waste.
  • Decreasing malnutrition by providing steady access to vegetables.
  • Improved food security through using poly-tunnels that allows year-round vegetable production.
  • Empowering women with employment and involving them in the enterprise.
  • Improving local soil quality by creating a sustainable supply of compost, which also serves as a waste management solution for the community.
  • Using organic pesticides which protect the environment.
  • Providing farmers within the collective with a sustainable income, thus improving the quality of life for their families.
  • Lowering living costs as community members rely less on expensive imported food.


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Women’s Off Season Vegetable Group is a collective of women farmers and workers from Thehe Village Development Committee in Nepal’s Humla District. As well as producing and selling the vegetables, members are involved in management and business development.

Foundation Nepal provides support to the enterprise through training and capacity building exercises, in particular on the technical aspects of off-season vegetable production and on business plan development and business management.

Common Forum for Development (CFD) is the local partner non-profit organisation of Foundation Nepal. It is involved with training and capacity-building, conducts on-going monitoring of the enterprise’s progress and supports the women in conducting selfreflection.

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