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BanaPads Social Enterprise

BanaPads Social Enterprise

BanaPads produces comfortable sanitary pads from natural agricultural waste materials. They are low-cost, 100 % biodegradable, locally made, safe and hygienic. The enterprise aims to reduce absenteeism among schoolgirls in rural and poor communities, create a distribution network of female entrepreneurs and establish sustainable independent micro-businesses.

BanaPads are sourced and produced locally using readily available banana pseudostem wastes. The enterprise employs a franchise model led by young rural women to manufacture and distribute the pads. The finished products are marketed and sold across the region and profits go towards repaying micro-loans, salaries and eventually revenue. Using a door-to-door distribution model, BanaPads employs young female entrepreneurs known as “Champions", providing them with a complete start-up kit of inventory, training and marketing support.

  • Establish one new production centre and implement a plan to open five new production centres over the next five years.
  • Recruit and retain 40 managers and workers in various fields, including production, marketing, operation, distribution, human resources, finance and fundraising.
  • Develop a microloan system for young rural female entrepreneurs in existing or newly formed groups, so they can buy a machine and begin producing sanitary pads in current local training centres.
  • Attract USD 100,000 in funding in order to buy new equipment and to gain access to financial mentoring.


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