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Sunny Money

Sunny Money

A community-based initiative that increases quality of life in rural Africa by selling innovative solar products, which are manufactured in local facilities and are sold by micro-franchisees in their communities.

Sunny Money, in partnership with microfinance institutions and community-based organisations provides affordable, reliable and clean energy, particularly for lighting. It has manufactured solar products in local facilities since 2008 and aims to replace other forms of non-renewable energy such as kerosene and batteries, which reduces emissions and generates carbon credits. The products include a solar kit to power household appliances and a solar lamp to replace kerosene lamps which are detrimental to health and the environment. In the longer term Sunny Money aims to supply products for other uses, such as education and communication. As a distribution model, Sunny Money uses a micro-franchising system based on local entrepreneurs. The solar products are sold by the micro-franchisees to households in rural communities in Kenya and Malawi. There are currently 35 manufacturers and 200 micro-franchisees in Kenya and Malawi. 

  • Scale up rapidly by developing in Kenya at a rate of 15 new franchisees per month (10/month in the first year).
  • Expand operations to Tanzania and Zambia
  • Expand the capacity of the manufacturing facilities.
  • Expand the product range with a modular kit where the light, the panel and a dynamo can be bought separately and with a multi globe that can be hard wired into homes.


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