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One Million Rural Cisterns

One Million Rural Cisterns

Local NGOs and local community associations have joined forces with the national government and international agencies to develop and build one million home cisterns to collect and store rain water in the semi-arid region, bringing access to potable water for poor rural families.

Since 2002, the P1MC’s aim has been to build one million cisterns to collect rain water to provide a sustainable means of overcoming water shortages in semi-arid rural areas. The Brazilian semi-arid region is one of the most populous regions of the world, in which 36 million people have little access to potable water. P1MC´s innovation lies in the combination of collecting rain water and making it available to communities in rural areas through strong family, communal and civil society engagement. Jointly with the rural communities, P1MC has established a training process aiming to involve one million families in the construction of cisterns to collect rain water. 

In 2010:

  • The Brazilian Semi-arid Articulation (ASA) expects to expand the number of Management Microregional Units (UGMs) to 65 organisations, training 30 new professionals.
  • ASA aims to build 75.000 more cisterns, for 375.000 people.

For 2011:

  • Expand to 75 UGMs, with 60 new trained professionals.
  • Build 100,000 cisterns, for 500,000 people.


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