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The SEED Winners

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An enabling environment

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Celebrating ten years of SEED Awards (2005 - 2015)

Flagship Report

Over the last ten years SEED has supported more than 200 social and environmental enterprises enabling collaboration and peer learning. SEED’s inspiring success story and significant key lessons have now been captured with a 10 Year Flagship Report

The global partnership surveyed 175 enterprises that have won a SEED Award within the last ten years and analysed their economic success and the impact on the environment and the community they operate in. Today, 70 per cent of the interviewed enterprises from 37 countries meet their strategic goals or even exceed them. 

Furthermore SEED Winners create thousands of jobs along their value chain, providing often especially women and the youth alternative income opportunities. With their positive impacts on local communities they have become frontrunners of sustainable development.


SEED - Promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development

With more than ten years of experience in supporting social and enviromental enterprises, SEED has learned to focus on two levels:




an enabling

The ecosystem for social and environmental entrepreneurship

In its efforts to build effective ecosystems for green and inclusive entrepreneurship, also referred to as eco-entrepreneurship, SEED relies on numerous partnerships with institutions from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. Click on the different areas below to learn more about their contribution in the field of sustainable development and eco-entrepreneurship.



Capacity Development

Capacity Development









The SEED Virtual Exhibition

The SEED Virtual Exhibition aims to showcase how SEED and its partners are building an enabling environment for social and environmental entrepreneurships. It demonstrates how this ecosystem is supporting innovative micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries to achieve considerable social, environmental and economic impacts, while also often contributing to climate change adaptation and/or mitigation.

Funding for this exhibition has largely been provided by:

The International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)

Government of FlandersDutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

This exhibition has been created with the help of DFH UgandaInstant ElephantKilimanjaro Film InstituteMoving Minds Multimedia, Rhys Morgan Images and Screen Colombia.

Please note: The contents of this exhibition are for general information purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure that all contents are correct at the time of publishing, some information may be incomplete or inaccurate or may have become out of date. The contents of this exhibition should not be relied upon for any purpose other than general information and SEED or any involved partner cannot be held liable for any loss or damage which may arise from using any information contained therein.

Welcome to the SEED Virtual Exhibition

Embark with us on a journey towards SEED's vision of a world of flourishing communities where social and environmental entrepreneurship drives sustainable development;

Experience how SEED Winners achieve measurable impacts and
see how SEED is joining forces with others to build an enabling environment for eco-entrepreneurship.

or discover the exhibition all by yourself.

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