SEED Catalyser

All SEED Award Winners receive a tailored support package - the SEED Catalyser. This support package focuses on capacity building, while drawing on an array of tools, combined with networking, profiling, and financing. The SEED Catalyser guides SEED Award Winners through the identification of opportunities, challenges, and needs through a process of business planning, organisation development, and enterprise growth.

In-country capacity building workshop

Icon Capacity BuildingGeared by the SEED Toolbox personal advisors and winners meet for a 3-day in-country workshop to support the enterprises in key elements and factors needed to further build their successful social and environmental enterprise. Unless there is only one SEED Winner in a particular country, one day of the 3-day in-country workshop is held jointly with a group of fellow SEED Award Winners to facilitate peer-learning. The workshop topics cover inter alia triple-bottom-line planning and goal-setting, market analysis and marketing planning, value chain analysis and operations strategy, partnership and relations mapping, development of a communication strategy, resource planning, financial planning, development of a funding strategy, risk management and a SWOT analysis. SEED provides accommodation and transport for all Award Winners who take part in capacity building workshops.

Business plan development

The workshop is followed by a support phase on business plan development during which enterprises are supported in improving different sections of their business plans. The in-country advisors work together with the enterprises on the business plan and make use of the e-Support Platform and the SEED Toolbox. The business plan development aims to facilitate future fundraising and financing activities. Improved business plans are one of the major outputs of the SEED Catalyser.

Support plan development

Together with their in-country advisors SEED Award Winners also work on support plans. Support plans highlight an enterprise’s most urgent needs in order to scale up and expand their operations. Support plans may include training, help with building partnerships and networks, market research, acquiring technical or administrative know-how, developing partnership’s capacity in specialised areas, realising opportunities for profiling partnerships, and financing. Activities listed in the support plan are implemented within 6 months after the enterprise has received its financial contribution.

Access to the SEED network

Icon Networking

All SEED Award Winners gain access to SEED’s international network of partners and associates. This means that winners are informed of opportunities arising through SEED affiliates such as Hogan Lovells, Thomson Reuters Foundation, WIPO Green and Environmental Resource Management.

Hogan Lovells 

Hoga LovellsOne of the SEED Partners is Hogan Lovells, an international law firm. In the past, Hogan Lovells was able to provide pro bono legal advice to several SEED Winners.

Thomson Reuters Foundation 

Thomson Reuters FoundationThe SEED Associate Thomson Reuters Foundation provides free legal assistance from over 280 top law firms in over 100 countries, which includes protection of intellectual property matters and trademarks, drafting contracts and agreements, contract negotiations and legal research.

WIPO Green 

WIPO GreenThe SEED Associate WIPO GREEN runs an interactive marketplace that promotes innovation and diffusion of green technologies by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions. It supports innovative entrepreneurs in their efforts to address climate change through the skills and technologies available via its network and online database.

Environmental Resource Management (ERM) 

ERMAnother SEED Associate is Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a leading global provider of environmental, health and safety, risk, and social consulting services. Ventures that focus on low carbon technologies, or look to convert to low carbon practices/production methods, might be eligible to receive some additional support from ERM. Examples of areas where ERM could provide support are accessing carbon finance, carbon foot-printing, technical support for low carbon technologies and assistance with funding applications.

The SEED Winners' e-Support Platform

SEED WebinarsAll SEED Award Winners have access to the SEED e-Support Platform. The e-Support Platform provides access to all documents and materials used during the SEED support, such as: regular news, documents uploaded by in-country advisors, documents and templates needed for workshops, support tools and the SEED business plan and financial plan template.

Profiling SEED Award Winners

Icon ProfilingSEED continually works to promote the social and green enterprises it supports with a range of high-level profiling opportunities through its online presence as well as its high-level international partnerships and affiliations. During and after the 6 month support package winners benefit from Winner Announcements, SEED Partners and Affiliates, SEED's cooperation with UNEP, the SEED Member's Area as well as being represented at High Profile Events and featured in SEED News and Newsletters.

Winner Announcements 

SEED Winner AnnouncementsSEED officially announces the annual Award Winners through the SEED network, the worldwide media, the SEED website, the SEED Social Media channels and the SEED news (and newsletter), thereby raising public recognition for your enterprise and all partners involved.

SEED Partners and Affiliates 

SEED Partners2SEED activates in-country SEED partners and affiliates to help enterprises leverage further support from other interested organisations where appropriate.


SEED AssociatesUNEP country offices inform local media in all SEED Winner countries.

SEED Member's Area 

SEED Members AreaThe Members’ Area on the SEED website provides Winners with a personal publicly available SEED profile that can be used to share valuable insights with the wider public. Many SEED alumni are contacted through the SEED website by potential partners/ investors.

High Level Events 

SEED High Level EventsSEED supports Winners in attending national or international events, in case opportunities arise. 

SEED News and Newsletters 

SEED NewsSEED also regularly features stories of the winners’ developments on the SEED news and SEED newsletter.

Reporting to SEED

Each winner needs to provide SEED with a narrative and financial report, which needs to be submitted 6 months after receiving the SEED Support. The narrative report is to inform SEED how the enterprise has developed and advanced it operations over the 6 months, what were the Winners’ principal challenges and successes, how they used the SEED Catalyser (especially in overcoming challenges) and what the enterprise’s plans for the future are. The financial report that SEED Africa Winners have to submitt is to inform SEED about what the SEED funding has eventually been spent on.

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