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Women’s Off-season Vegetable Production Group

Women’s Off-season Vegetable Production Group

Women’s Off-season Vegetable Production Group is a women-led initiative growing and marketing organic vegetables in a climate where weather usually limits year-round production. The enterprise deploys agricultural techniques, notably poly-tunnels and greenhouses, to help improve food security and nutrition while empowering marginalised women through job creation.

The Women’s Off-season Vegetable Production Group is a cooperative of women farmers who produce organic vegetables throughout the year. These are sold at farmers markets and to local businesses. Compost is produced to improve soil quality, reduce bio-waste and increase the product portfolio. 

Traditionally in Humla District, vegetables are only produced during three months of the year. The enterprise saw the demand, and the need, for vegetable production during the agricultural off-season - especially because the local tourism industry is growing.

  • Increase revenues by 30 % over the coming year, by expanding market presence across Humla District.
  • Recruit more farmers to the collective in order to increase production capacity and expand the types of vegetables grown.
  • Acquire a donkey, mule, or horse to help transport goods to communities further from the enterprise’s base, as there are no roads in Humla District and members currently take their produce by foot.
  • Increase compost production by collecting food and animal waste from more households than just those of the farmers’ households. Within the next year the enterprise aims to have compost as an additional product to sell.


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