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Southwestern Women Bean Growers and Marketing Cooperative Union

Southwestern Women Bean Growers and Marketing Cooperative Union

Southwestern Women Bean Growers Union works to rally together the existing smallholder sugar bean farming community in south western Uganda. Women can join the enterprise’s collective where they are trained in how to increase production and sales and receive social support and wide market access. Through multiple partnerships the enterprise also works to protect the local environment, replanting trees that have been cut to stake the beans.

The Southwestern Women Bean Growers Union acts as a co-operative for women sugar bean producers. In this capacity the enterprise sources markets, demands fair prices and provides members with production, post-harvest handling, and business management training. Women help to finance the co-operative through contributing one kilogram of produce per season. 

Still in its infancy stages, the enterprise already has over 1,000 active farmers. The enterprise empowers women by helping them to see financial possibility in what have been, until now, small localised farming ventures. The effects of this include increasing the women’s societal status as income-earners, while the cash flow contributes to better food security, health and education opportunities.

  • Continue to recruit farmers to reach the goal of 2,000 active members.
  • Market at least 10 t of small-packet dry and fresh beans to local niche markets.
  • Export at least 45 t of dry and fresh beans to the international market.
  • Sign new supply agreements with importers from two different markets.


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