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Proplanet S.A.S. Productos pensados para facilitar nuestra vida y la del planeta

Proplanet S.A.S. Productos pensados para facilitar nuestra vida y la del planeta

Proplanet transforms materials that are hard to recycle, such as long-life Tetra Paks, into food packaging, construction materials and paper fibre. It is the first enterprise in Colombia recycling Tetra Paks. Through intensive research on how to improve its recycling processes, Proplanet managed to increase the spectrum of recycled materials and expand its product range, considerably reducing the pressure on landfills in Colombia.

Proplanet undertakes research to develop processes that transform hard-to-recycle materials. The raw materials are sourced from local collection centres and transformed in Proplanet’s production facility. The three product lines - food packaging, construction materials, and paper fibres - are sold to retailers, catering companies, and local paper factories. 

Proplanet offers customers sustainable products of prime quality. Currently it is expanding its biodegradable food packaging line to include food packaging that is resistant to refrigeration, thereby substituting plastic packaging. The enterprise has created demand for used Tetra Paks, previously of no value, providing an additional source of income for waste collectors.

  • Invest in new equipment to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and to utilise the recycled paper fibre instead of selling it to the paper industry, thus increasing its value for Proplanet and diversifying the company’s product portfolio.
  • Establish recycling bins as a new business line and expanding the biodegradable food packaging line made from FSC-certified virgin fibre to include cold resistant food packaging.
  • Increase Proplanet’s market presence to acquire new customers and extend market demand in order to raise the number of employees from 21 to 32 and the amount of recycled Tetra Pak from 360 t to 720 t a year within the next year.
  • Start exporting to other countries in Latin America, mainly for the food packaging line.


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