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Projeto Bagagem

Projeto Bagagem

In a novel approach to community tourism, Projeto Bagagem creates unique travel packages that stimulate local employment and new community activities by giving visitors a first-hand look at local development initiatives and nature reserves.

Projeto Bagagem promotes environmentally sustainable community development through community-based tourism and youth empowerment. Travel itineraries feature successful local development initiatives where travellers can meet and interact with host communities in a unique way. Projeto Bagagem, a Brazilian NGO, aims to improve the livelihoods of low-income Brazilian communities by setting up and developing local community-based tourism. The initiative actively involves the local communities to develop travel itineraries that feature successful local development initiatives. They are, even at this early stage, already proving to be a source of additional income for the local communities and an inspiring experience for the visitors. Meeting and interacting with host communities is the principal travelling experience.

To reinforce local participation capacity, Projeto Bagagem offers a 2-year programme to local youth, enabling them to own and manage tourism activities in their area. Networking between destinations, partner travel agencies and travellers is also enhanced through the project. Supplying travellers with environmentally relevant information, material and guidance raises their awareness and limits the environmental impact of the tours.

Main activities:

  • building a network of community tourism destinations
  • building a network of partner travel agencies and organisations which are committed to the local communities
  • creating a network of knowledge: developing materials on methodologies and practices to support other communities and NGOs starting community-based tourism
  • To replicate this approach elsewhere, increasing the number of destinations and itineraries
  • To develop international sales and marketing channels
  • To strengthen ownership of tourism activities


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