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Last Forest Enterprises

Last Forest Enterprises

Last Forest Enterprises is a marketing platform promoting fair-trade principles, sustainable harvesting and biodiversity in India. The enterprise markets and sells 68 kinds of organic, forest-based or indigenous products such as handicrafts, garments, honey and timber products. Founded by a non-profit, the platform sells the sourced and branded products at its own retail sites or on e-commerce portals.

The enterprise focuses on developing the market for untapped and under-valued sectors. 68 organic, fair trade or indigenous products are procured, quality-checked and branded by the enterprise from eight production clusters and sold at three enterprise-operated retail shops, supplied to retail dealers or marketed and sold on e-commerce portals. 

The marketing platform focuses on quality control, fair trade, sustainable harvesting and integration with small-holder producers, farmers, forest-dwellers and the indigenous community. Products include honey, timber products, garments, organic tea and handicrafts.

By providing a marketing platform for organic, fair trade and forest-based products, Last Forest increases the demand for organic agricultural production and offers indigenous communities a sustainable source of income. This strengthens their pride and dignity and enables families to invest in health and education. Part of the profit and fair trade premium are channelled to the community.

  • Expand the existing network of suppliers to include primary producers of millets, silk cotton, and crafts like Toda. These new relations will see an additional 500 households benefit from sales through Last Forest.
  • Increase the training and capacity building of staff to include lessons on stock management, record-keeping, branding, customer relations and work ethics.
  • Expand design, packaging and brand development efforts to increase products’ acceptance in the market.
  • Increase customer awareness of the products’ producers and organic and fair trade principles.


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