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JITA Social Business Bangladesh Ltd.

JITA Social Business Bangladesh Ltd.

JITA Social Business is an innovative rural distribution network, providing jobs and a regular income for women from low socio-economic communities across Bangladesh. Called Aparajitas - meaning “women who never accept defeat" – the women earn commissions selling a range of products from solar lamps to food and sanitary items on a door-to-door basis.

JITA’s business model has been developed to create income opportunities for rural women from low socio-economic backgrounds.The women, called Aparajitas - meaning “women who never accept defeat" -, are recruited to work in door-to-door sales. Their product basket ranges food and sanitary items and household devices, often unavailable in rural communities. 

Aparajitas, the foundation of JITA’s supply-chain, earn income through sales commissions. They obtain the products from JITA hubs, the local distribution businesses developed by JITA, which source from different partner companies. JITA engages marginalised and previously jobless women, thus helping to alleviate them from poverty.

  • Increase by 20% the number of Aparajitas hired and trained, thus reaching the target of 12,000 women empowered through an income-earning opportunity.
  • Reach seven million customers across Bangladesh.
  • Continue market expansion to include several new districts, encompassing all but three of the country’s 64 districts.
  • Work with distribution partners to introduce new, environmentally friendly products like clean cook stoves.


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