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GRS Commodities Ltd

GRS Commodities Ltd

The enterprise has developed a biogas plant which utilises  agricultural waste such as manure collected from local farmers, and other biowaste such as water hyacinth, to produce renewable energy for rural communities and off grid applications.  Also in development is a rice husk gasification plant. 

By applying waste-to-energy concepts, GRS Commodities is able to produce and supply electricity for off-grid areas. These concepts include biogas production from animal waste and gasification of dry biomass. Biogas digester residue, which is rich in nutrients, is returned to the farmers and used as fertiliser, while surplus is sold.A new GRS gasification plant will use rice husks to produce electricity. It will power a rice mill enabling local farmers to access clean renewable energy to process their crops.

  • Extend access to energy for local farmers in the Ssese Islands by installing 32 kW capacity of off-grid renewable energy using gasification technology.
  • Use at least 66 tons per year of locally available dry biomass as feedstock for the production of clean renewable energy.
  • Produce approximately 42,240 kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electricity per year, used to power food-processing plants.
  • Create € 100,000 per year in new income for farmers in the Ssese Islands by selling approximately 1,320 tons of locally processed grain.


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