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City Waste Recycling

City Waste Recycling

City Waste Recycling Ltd offers responsible waste processing for a wide range of waste types from problematic e-waste and batteries to sawdust and plastic. It provides formal employment lifting waste collectors out of the informal sector.

CWR recycles waste ranging from e-waste and batteries to sawdust and plastic, which it sources from local industries and waste collectors in the city of Ho. From this waste, CWR generates products such as plastic pellets, printed circuit boards and biogas (compost) and exports recycled e-waste products.

CWR currently represents the only formal e-waste recycling company in Ghana, a country with a major informal e-waste processing problem.

  • Construct “The Recycling Village,” a two-hectare state-of-the art recycling plant.
  • Install more recycling machines, including a Cathode Ray Tube cutter and a plastic shredder.
  • Establish 12 collection points for valuable waste in nine regional capitals and three main neighbouring-country border crossings.


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