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Brent Technologies

Brent Technologies

Brent Technologies uses an innovative, low-cost technology (S-TECH) to transform waste motor oil into fresh motor oil, diesel fuel and roofing asphalt shingles. This overcomes shortages of motor oil and diesel fuel and increases transportation to areas that have limited access to basic necessities.

Brent Technologies sources waste motor oil from various suppliers and recycles it into diesel fuel and motor oil using an innovative, low-cost technology. The wastes from the process are also used to make roofing shingles. These outputs are then sold to the market, creating an eco-friendly supply chain.

A wide network of collectors from various cities and suburbs helps supply waste motor oil to the refinery. The waste is collected weekly and suppliers are reimbursed for the resources supplied.

  • Install a new reaction kettle that can handle up to 5,000 litres in every batch, allowing a daily production of at least 10,000 litres.
  • Expand production and collection capacity in Uganda, increasing the volume of recycling to 50,000 litres per day by 2019.
  • Establish a refinery in Rwanda in 2018 to tackle mismanagement of waste oil and expand to new countries, in the beginning this refinery will recycle 1,000 litres per day.
  • Build a sustainable capital base to enable the company to scale up even further and potentially replicate to other African countries.


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