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Alternative Energy Source for Heating

Alternative Energy Source for Heating

Alternative Energy Source for Heating provides briquettes made from rice husks as an energy source for both urban and rural households. Families are consequently less dependent on charcoal or fuelwood, and deforestation and air pollution are reduced. The initiative also promotes youth entrepreneurship.

The enterprise uses rice husks that would otherwise go to waste to provide an alternative domestic energy source in Malawi. Local youth are trained to produce rice husk briquettes and are later connected to potential consumers to whom they sell the products.

Profits from the sales are partially re-invested in the enterprise to finance its operation, and the remaining funds are shared amongst group members.

Alternative Energy Source for Heating offers an alternative energy source based on rice husks, which can substitute charcoal and fuelwood and therefore help prevent deforestation and air pollution. The enterprise plans on stimulating 50% of households in Northern Malawi to change to rice husk briquettes over the next 10 years.

  • Train 250 youth in making and distributing briquettes, organizing them in a network.
  • Acquire equipment to increase production capacity for the briquettes
  • Offer a new training field on building energy-efficient cook stoves.


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