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Un litro de luz Colombia

Un litro de luz Colombia

Un litro de luz Colombia promotes an alternative lighting system based on recycled plastic bottles that are filled with pure water and bleach and then fitted on roofs. This brings lighting to rural and peri-urban poor areas that are not connected to a conventional electricity distribution grid. The enterprise employs women to identify the homes in which the lighting is to be installed, targeting deprived families; women and men are employed equally for the installation.

Litre of Light light bulbs are an alternative method of lighting which does not generate heat, requires no maintenance, does not incur monthly costs and is self-sustaining. The materials required for production can be found everywhere: a discarded PET bottle, water, bleach and glue. The enterprise operates in over twelve cities in Columbia and is being replicated in five Latin American countries. A manual for making the light bulbs helps rapid dissemination. The project is sponsored by private enterprises.

  • Consolidate the business, expansion and replication plans of the enterprise.
  • Provide 3,000 families with light, saving nearly USD 300,000 per year.
  • Test the prototype – the “Litre of Light Night” – in at least 50 households.
  • Open a related enterprise in Ghana with the help of CICR and the Colombian Embassy.


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