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Blessed Bee for Life

Blessed Bee for Life

This apiculture enterprise makes hive tools and equipment available to farmers while also teaching them beekeeping and assisting with gaining market access for their honey. Women are fully integrated into the honey value chain, reducing not only extreme poverty among the rural communities but also environmental degradation.

Blessed Bee for Life promotes modern beekeeping techniques by providing training in beekeeping, tree planting and the production of honey, wax and propolis, explicitly targeting the rural poor. The enterprise also promotes waste management during the training sessions, as sawdust from the construction of the hives is used as bio-fuel. The enterprise operates in rural Uganda. It aims to improve the livelihoods of the members of local communities by establishing new business collaborations and creating job opportunities.

  • Increase sales revenues by 30 % by implementing new sales and marketing strategies.
  • Organise a working network of over 120 beekeepers with the potential to double the production of honey, wax and propolis.
  • Participate in business promotion activities such as the annual agricultural show and trade fair organised by the Uganda National Farmers Federation.
  • Launch an advertising campaign on the radio to attract potential buyers and farmers.


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