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Watamu Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Enterprises

Watamu Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Enterprises

“Watamu Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Enterprises” serves as an example of successful cooperation between community organisations and the local marine tourism industry in creating a plastic recycling value chain. The results are cleaned-up beaches and new employment opportunities for women and youth.

The initiative deals with solid waste pollution in Watamu Marine Park and Reserve beaches and nearby villages. By combining environmental welfare and conservation tasks with community empowerment, employment and alternative income generation, the initiative sets an example for community-based waste management. The initiative creates income opportunities for the community through employment and waste recycling. The income generated from plastic recycling operations helps the initiative to remain operational and sustainable. In addition, art and other interesting objects produced from the waste collected will be sold at tourist outlets. Plastic waste – currently harvested free of charge in the project area – can be processed and sold to recycling businesses throughout Kenya. Local firms support the initiative through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) sponsorship activities, enabling community members to turn plastic waste into a saleable commodity. 

  • Expand the initiative’s plastic processing capacity and activities and develop links to the national plastic recycling industry.
  • Develop the initiative’s art and craft skills base and promote products via tourist outlets.
  • Increase the amount of plastic waste collected in the Watamu area.
  • Expand the marketing and business networks already established locally and nationally.


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