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Project for producing edible mushroom spores

Project for producing edible mushroom spores

“Project for producing edible mushroom spores” is pioneering the local production of primary mushroom spores through a laboratory run by a cooperative of HIV-infected women and widows. Supported by international organisations and local government authorities, the initiative will make mushroom production accessible to vulnerable members of rural communities as a profitable and high-yield crop requiring little land.

The initiative aims to make the production of mushroom spores accessible to rural populations in Rwanda, particularly vulnerable people living in zones with a high risk of soil erosion. Mushrooms, as a short-cycle, high-yield crop, offer an alternative to traditional crops that is both more profitable and has a higher nutritional value. The initiative is pioneering the local production of mushroom spores in a laboratory run by the Association of Vulnerable Widows Affected and Infected by HIV and AIDS (AVVAIS). The laboratory produces primary, secondary and tertiary mushroom seeds, and also trains the cooperatives involved in the project on how to grow mushrooms, encouraging new, eco-friendly and income-generating activities. The beneficiaries include rural women’s cooperatives and fishing villages that are particularly exposed to climate change. Besides promoting subsistence agriculture, the initiative offers beneficiary communities access to markets, selling their products to the catering industry and grocery stores as well as exporting them. 

  • Establish a mushroom laboratory with a greater production and incubation capacity (approximately 5,000 bunches) and a pilot mushroom house for demonstration purposes.
  • Secure certification of mushroom spore production from the Rwanda Agriculture Board. - Develop a communications strategy and establish an initial retail outlet.
  • Facilitate market access for the cooperatives of the initiative.


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