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Man and Man Enterprise

Man and Man Enterprise

“Man and Man Enterprise” and its business partners create employment by producing biomass-fuelled cooking stoves made from scrap metals, substituting for conventional charcoal-fuelled stoves that cause harmful emissions and health problems and contribute to deforestation.

Man and Man Enterprise produces and markets efficient biomass cooking stoves which save 40 % on charcoal compared to conventional stoves. The product thus enables substantial savings on fuel costs while reducing deforestation and GHG emissions. Man and Man Enterprise produces and markets highly efficient biomass cooking stoves made from scrap metal. A ceramic lining retains heat, reducing charcoal consumption by 40 %. The stoves cost the same as conventional stoves and have a longer lifetime. In the Ashanti region, the initiative sells hundreds of such “Holy Cook” stoves every week. Man and Man Enterprise plans to increase profitability by integrating lining production into its own operations and by expanding its operations into currently underserved regions in Ghana and neighbouring countries. 

  • Train 70 additional artisans in metal cladding assembly to support a doubling in stove production (to 1,000 stoves per week) and sales to neighbouring Togo.
  • Begin ceramic lining production, setting up a kiln and production facilities.
  • Secure carbon credits on sales in Ghana and Togo in collaboration with investors.
  • Acquire distribution vehicles and a new manufacturing site.


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