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Kisumu Innovation Center

Kisumu Innovation Center

“Kisumu Innovation Center – Kenya” is a social business marketing recycled handicrafts products in cooperation with a local women’s and orphans’ self-help group and a nationwide marketing partner. Women and youth are trained to produce marketable objects from used tins and water hyacinth, which is invasive and is creating problems in the region.

Using recycled materials and invasive species from the wetlands around Lake Victoria, KICK encourages local artisans to create handmade products. It also recycles wire from old fridge compressors and uses it to make unique handmade paper cards and bookmarks. KICK Trading Ltd markets creative craft products made by local artisans, such as greeting cards, earrings, bangles, necklaces, gift boxes and handmade paper. This gives them the opportunity to earn decent wages and enjoy consistent employment. KICK is active in both local and regional, as well as export markets and plans to strengthen both. By using locally available waste material and invasive species in the Lake Victoria region, its activities also benefit local ecosystems. 

  • Create more marketing channels in Europe and export items worth in total at least USD 20,000 by the end of the year
  • Acquire a piece of land and start building its own premises
  • Involve at least three more youth groups in the production of handmade products
  • Strengthen the marketing of hyacinth and papyrus woven products on both domestic and foreign markets


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