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The Shea Economic Empowerment Program (SEEP)

The Shea Economic Empowerment Program (SEEP)

“The Shea Economic Empowerment Program (SEEP)”. This fruitful partnership centred on a community-based cooperative and international NGOs seeks to improve the livelihoods of women Shea nut producers by offering training, greater ownership within the supply chain and access to improved technology.

The initiative seeks to empower shea butter producers economically by restructuring the Shea Butter supply chain, building capacity among producers and improving production quality to facilitate access to local and international Shea Butter markets. The Shea butter Economic Empowerment Programme (SEEP) business model has four components: 1. Developing trade hubs, storage facilities and distribution centres to promote greater ownership of the supply chain and decrease reliance on middlemen. 2. Provide training for producers to improve agricultural practices and increase productivity. 3. Educate producers in business management to increase financial literacy and promote a better understanding of the Shea Butter market. 4. Engage multiple stakeholders such as government officials, community leaders, buyers and producers to ensure long-term sustainability of the shea butter industry. 

  • Promote multi-stakeholder engagement through support from industry, government officials and policy makers to create a fair and competitive environment for shea butter processors.
  • Develop a system of direct and equitable payment after each collection for the Shea pickers and shea butter processors.
  • Facilitate the production and promotion a Ghana-branded shea butter.
  • Promote shea butter value-added products.


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