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Resentse Sinqobile Trust Trading as Zondi BuyBack Initiative

Resentse Sinqobile Trust Trading as Zondi BuyBack Initiative

“Resentse Sinqobile Trust Trading as Zondi BuyBack Initiative”. A local NGO and government institutions have teamed up to establish this comprehensive buyback centre to recycle, reshape and sell household waste such as cans and plastic. Natural resource protection, the reduction of litter, increased employment opportunities and an educational program are among the impressive results of this initiative.

The non-profit initiative Resentse Sinqobile Trust (Zondi Buy Back Centre) was initiated in 2004 by the City of Johannesburg through financial support from the Danish government to educate the community about waste management. The initiative contributes to environmental and climate protection by reusing recyclable materials from waste and offers income to unemployed citizens. The Zondi Buy Back Centre buys recyclable materials for a reasonable fee from more than 500 waste pickers who gather the recyclables from household waste and landfills. Plastic material is then granulated and compressed in the centre and then sold to manufacturing companies. 

  • Install a mini recycling plant to process poly-propylene and low density polypropylene.
  • Create employment opportunities for another 50 personnel.
  • Open branches in other provinces. - Increasingly contribute to the reduction of stored waste.


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