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Manufacture and Popularization of Biomass Briquettes

Manufacture and Popularization of Biomass Briquettes

Aiming to replace wood and charcoal with biomass briquettes from fallen leaves and other sources of unused biomass, this progressive enterprise of local and international NGOs and a research institution helps to combat desertification, create jobs in rural communities and raise awareness for alternative energy sources.

SOS Energie aims to establish a production and fabrication process of biomass briquettes and improved stoves to counter the overexploitation of forests and the massive use of charcoal and firewood. The initiative also includes training of households and craftsmen to use this environment-friendly energy source. The partnership combines the sustainable management of biomass waste and production of biomass briquettes, the use of energy efficient equipment and the education and awareness creation of the rural population to promote this renewable energy source. The model of SOS Energie is based on a decentralized strategy allowing rural communities to be integrated into the newly created market. 

  1. Creation of a production, sales and training centre;
  2. Development of partnerships between waste collectors and distributors for the establishment of production chains for biomass briquettes;
  3. Awareness raising of the households and craftsmen to use this alternative energy source;
  4. Promotion and sale of biomass briquettes and their adapted stoves.


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