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Two social enterprises and a private company have developed this innovative handheld laundry device to facilitate washing in low-income communities. As the appliance does not rely on electricity or a home water supply, IziWasha significantly cuts water and energy use. A network of female micro-franchisees who distribute the eco-friendly product will directly benefit from the revenues.

iziWasha is a simple and affordable handheld laundry device aimed at improving the lives of women by easing the burden of hand-washing whilst saving water. iziWasha will be manufactured in South Africa and sold and promoted through retailers as well as female micro entrepreneurs across the continent and in other emerging markets, where the majority of people do not have electric washing machines. 

  • Secure external funding to enable rapid scale-up in South Africa and elsewhere.
  • Secure partnerships with major retailers serving low to mid income markets.
  • Reach wholesalers distributing to informal retail outlets in rural areas.
  • Establish a network of iziWasha brand ambassadors in target communities.


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